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About us

Clover - The Company

The company was founded in 2004 under the name Clover Creations GmbH, with the vision to create a new generation of golf apparel. The love of golf and the flair for fashion has turned a simple idea into a business. In 2014, the Clover GmbH was taken over by new owner's and is now run from their headquarters in Immensee, Schwyz. Our goal is to create something special and to inspire our customers with our "Swiss Golf Design". All Products are produced in Europe, from high-quality functional materials and are characteristic of the brand Clover.
Clover - The Brand

The four-leaf clover as a logo, on the one hand, symbolizing the closeness to nature, which can be experienced in the sport and on the other hand the essence of happiness. Happiness and a little superstition are often elements that revolve around the little white ball.